Composer "Show" As A Sanity Check

I have found that when upgrading or installing Composer packages, it is always useful to do a quick sanity check by running:

$ composer show

This command will list out all the available packages you have installed for your project.

It has been particularly useful when running through a Laravel framework upgrade. If I just want to confirm that the correct pacakge for the upgrade was installed or if I am seeing some wonky behavior, I first check to ensure the installed packages are the correct version and what I am expecting to see.

When running the command (depending on your project) the list can get pretty long, but you can filter it by passing an argument to the command:

# Passing package provider and wildcard:
$ composer show laravel/*

# Command outputs:
laravel/breeze    v1.4.1  Minimal Laravel authentication scaffolding with Blade and Tailwind.
laravel/framework v8.60.0 The Laravel Framework.
laravel/tinker    v2.6.1  Powerful REPL for the Laravel framework.
# Passing provider name and package name:
$ composer show laravel/tinker

# Command outputs:
name     : laravel/tinker
descrip. : Powerful REPL for the Laravel framework.
keywords : REPL, Tinker, laravel, psysh
versions : * v2.6.1
type     : library
license  : MIT License (MIT) (OSI approved)
homepage :
source   : [git] 04ad32c1a3328081097a181875733fa51f402083
dist     : [zip] 04ad32c1a3328081097a181875733fa51f402083
path     : /home/vagrant/Code/portfolio-code/vendor/laravel/tinker
names    : laravel/tinker

issues :
source :

Laravel\Tinker\ => src/

illuminate/console ^6.0|^7.0|^8.0
illuminate/contracts ^6.0|^7.0|^8.0
illuminate/support ^6.0|^7.0|^8.0
php ^7.2.5|^8.0
psy/psysh ^0.10.4
symfony/var-dumper ^4.3.4|^5.0

requires (dev)
mockery/mockery ~1.3.3|^1.4.2
phpunit/phpunit ^8.5.8|^9.3.3

illuminate/database The Illuminate Database package (^6.0|^7.0|^8.0).

There are a number of useful flags you can pass to the command, so check out the docs to learn more!