Howdy There, World!

After a (somewhat embarrassingly) long hiatus with a “coming soon" page, my code portfolio site is finally relaunched!

I think the biggest hurdle, and what kept me pushing off the site build was deciding on a design that I felt worked for the content I have planned and ultimately a design I enjoyed.

However, over the past year or so I’ve been doing a lot more work with CSS Grids to define and implement grids for the main user facing site design. I’ve also recently been using grids for a full revamp of their Admin UI and it’s been going swimmingly.

I really love working with CSS Grids ❤️.

After many years of working with floats along with position-ing and a sprinkle of margin: 0 auto (for horizontal centering), to create some pretty complex layouts, CSS Grids are a breath of fresh air.

Don’t get me wrong, floats have a special place in my heart and I eventually felt I mastered an odd art form of planning out “boxes” in such a way that I could build out most site design layouts that were handed to me. But in the end, these were all essentially hacks and a misuse of what the float rule was actually meant to do.

Anyhoo, working with CSS Grids more and more inspired me to try out a layout using grids that felt like it was maybe a bit tricky to pull off, and that led to the design inspiration for this site!

I have a post or two planned, to talk a bit about how I used CSS Grids to build this site along with some other fun field notes regarding some surprises and interesting bugs I encountered along the way.

So ya, check back because there’s more “coming soon”, haha! 😅